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Experience in the widest sense of the word

Berdex has been developing and producing chassis and bodywork for national and international transport as of 1947. Our trailers are built on a foundation of craftsmanship and innovation. Proven and tested through many years of usage, they are compliant with all of the most stringent health, safety and quality requirements. In our R&D centre, we continue to develop our products using the latest materials and solutions to ensure that our products do as we promise.

  • Robust
  • Innovative
  • Simplicity
What we offer

What we offer

Our products must reflect your way of working and the environment in which you operate. For this reason, Berdex offers a wide range of solutions that have been proven in practice. These include the possibility of choosing a movable or collapsible floor and 1 of 3 ventilation options for an optimal indoor climate.

We also offer a wide range of personalisation options in terms of intended use, ease of use and appearance.

Our solutions

We are Berdex

The Berdex factory is located right at the heart of the region with the largest number of pigs per capita in the Netherlands. The partnerships within our industry – many of which go back years – and the pioneer mentality in the Peel region in general and of our people in particular have contributed directly to the strength of our solutions. From the drawing room to final assembly, our craftsmen make Berdex what it is, together with our customers.

We are Berdex


Berdex Parts

All parts in the vehicles we supply are noted on corresponding drawings stored in our system. This makes it easy for us to deliver the correct parts for your Berdex product via our centrally located warehouse in Wanroij. At our site, you will find our catalogue containing all commonly used parts. We are able to quickly deliver these parts to all countries in which we operate.Berdex chauffeursdagen

Berdex service partners

Thanks to our network of professional sales and service dealers, there is a always a Berdex representative near you to consult if you are ever in need of expert service at any point during your trailer's lifespan. The highly-qualified mechanics at Berdex possess in-depth knowledge of your trailer and provide fast and effective repairs and maintenance using original Berdex parts, thus guaranteeing maximum vehicle availability and high residual value.

Berdex ships its vehicles and parts across the entire world and now also has manufacturing facilities in Russia and China.

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We keep our committed supporters up to date on developments via our FB page, and the other way around. We often share our best vehicles, important news about us or the industry, and our solutions on our Facebook Page.

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