When designing our vehicles, we focus very intently on loading, transporting and unloading livestock safely, with animal welfare as a high priority.


Our tailgates are fitted with a wear-resistant polyester anti-slip layer, so that the livestock have good grip. On top of that, the floors are fitted with anti-slip ridges. The moving parts and the inside of the vehicle are finished as smoothly as possible to prevent injuries, and there is plenty of lighting in the interior as well.

Cleaning and disinfecting
The tidy finish of our vehicles makes them very easy to keep clean. Options include equipping your vehicle with a TADD (thermo-assisted drying and decontamination) system or a disinfection system for the interior or the vehicle's tyres.

All of our vehicles are equipped with effective and reliable ventilation. Our cross-ventilated or climatized vehicles feature various back-up systems to guarantee ventilation even after decoupling. The design of our umbrella hitch means that when unloading takes longer, you can also provide extra ventilation for the upper desk, even in wet weather.




Download our Berdex company brochure to view all the details and special features of our vehicles.

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