A Berdex trailer consists of premium profiles developed by Berdex in-house and fastened to a Berdex chassis made of galvanised steel using stainless steel bolted joints. A solid basis for an excellent product with a high residual value.

The robustness of a Berdex trailer goes beyond the material properties alone. Our many years of experience in and feedback from within the field have contributed to the continued development of all aspects of our trailers. Not only do they last a long time; they are also robust and pleasant to use.

Examples of how a Berdex product makes the difference:

  • The inner arches are secured to the side walls magnetically.
  • The rounded top profile on the tailgate's side fences ensures that they open and close easily
  • The inner doors have a round hinge profile and rounded sides to prevent injury. The cavity for the steel locking pin is equipped with blind drainage. This ensures proper functioning even during frost.


Download our Berdex company brochure to view all the details and special features of our vehicles.

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